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Like many artists coming to terms with this ever-changing landscape, Wanderlust is looking to adapt to find new ways to bring a site-specific theatre experience to Tallahassee that can be safely enjoyed amidst COVID-related restrictions.


Thus, we are creating a pre-recorded, auditory walking theatre experience in conversation with the Frenchtown Heritage Trail, a set of thirteen historical sites that chronicle the story of Tallahassee's historic Black neighborhood. In cooperation and conversation with the neighborhood’s Riley House Museum, this socially distant, site-specific audio musical theatre experience will be downloadable for guests to experience safely at their own pace. Once on the Trail, guests will listen along to songs and stories based on the history of the very place they're standing! Creative work will be based on oral histories and research conducted by the Riley House Museum.

Original music will be composed by Tallahassee-based artist and activist Royce Lovett, who appeared on the last season of NBC's The Voice. Lovett will also sample music from local musicians, such as the late Darryl Steele, a lifetime Frenchtown resident and iconic Blues Trail musician. Connective storytelling text will be created by local poetry collective Black on Black Rhyme.

 Help us bring this vital project to life!

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