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Our Mission

Wanderlust puts musicals on location. By staging immersive productions in site-specific environments, patrons are transported to a liminal space where artist and audience exist together in the world of the show.

Wanderlust is not bound by any one geography. Because each of our shows is staged site-specifically where the story actually takes place, Wanderlust presents the unique opportunity of bringing theatre to a broad range of communities. Local spaces are reimagined and reinvigorated as they provide essential, authentic backdrops and bring musicals to life. 


Our Vision

Wanderlust believes in the magic of telling stories "on location," staging beloved musicals at site-specific venues to illuminate local identities. While initial stages of the company's work will focus on the existing musical theatre canon, future developments will include the commissioning of new musicals inspired by locations across the country. 

Wanderlust aims to bring the vitality of professional site-specific theatre into communities nationwide. By partnering with participating regional theatre companies and universities, Wanderlust provides opportunities for students and local artists to work alongside notable theatre professionals.

Dedicated to giving back to the communities we partner with, Wanderlust will work with and on behalf of local and national charitable foundations specific to the location of each production.


Our Values

Wanderlust is committed to creating a space where diverse voices and experiences, courageous discourse, and community engagement are not only valued, but essential to our shared success and growth.

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